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Iron on Transfer Instructions

Our transfers work on any material that will not burn / damage / damage at a high temperature. Materials like cotton and polyester are absolutely fine. If you are unsure whether or not your material is suitable for our iron on transfers please contact us.

1 If you have ordered Letters or Numbers, you can cut the transfer backing sheet using scissors to allow placing them in the correct order.

2 Place the letters down on your garment (which should be on a hard flat surface ie. table) in the order you require.

Transfers are mirrored so place them down so they read correctly when viewing the garment.

3 Place a piece of white clean paper over the transfers ensuring that your transfers do not move whilst ironing.


Do not use Steam

All materials are different, and therefore we advise to set your iron at a low temperature first - then follow the rest of the instructions.  If the transfers have not stuck, increase the temperature slightly and repeat until the transfers have stuck correctly - do not exceed the cotton 1 preset.

If the plastic carrier is melting your temperature is far too high - please turn down your iron.

Press the iron firmly onto the transfers ensuring you do not move the iron.

Do this for between 15-30 seconds.

5 Remove the paper, and leave to cool for 5-10 seconds.

Slowly peel back the plastic leaving the letters in place.  If the letters begin to peel then re-iron for longer and use more pressure.


6 This step is optional.  If your letters look a little bumpy, then take the piece of white paper, cover the transfers again, and iron normally using a good firm pressure.